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The REAL Weight Loss Plan For Real Life


  At Real Weight Loss, our program and products are created around scientific research that shows how you can most effectively change eating patterns and gain control of your weight. Real Weight Loss keeps you accountable, gives you the knowledge to succeed, and makes eating right easy and delicious.

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The Individualized Plan

The Real Weight Loss program is both easy to follow and effective, creating quick results for clients. We customize the program to meet your individual needs and goals.

During your initial visit, you will meet with one of our knowledgeable and caring Certified Weight Loss Specialists. This one-on-one session is designed to help us better understand your personal needs, goals, concerns and motivations. This is also your time to ask any questions you may have about the program. Your Certified Weight Loss Specialist is well equipped to provide you with educated, straight forward answers.

Understanding you and your individualized needs is key to developing a customized program designed to ensure that you successfully reach your weight loss goals. We respect the importance of addressing your personal weight loss needs and challenges, which is why follow-up meetings will also be conducted in a private one-on-one setting. Your privacy, comfort and ability to adhere to the program are our primary goals and we care deeply about your success!


Body Composition Analysis

The Real Weight Loss Meals

Real Weight Loss meals are portable and easy, especially for people who are “on the go”. They are also delicious, satisfying and fortified with vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition.

Due to the fact you will be eating every two to three hours, the Real Weight Loss meals will leave you feeling satisfied. You will enjoy five Real Weight Loss meals each day. You will have a great selection of over 80 delicious options to choose from including bars, pancakes, pretzels, brownies, ice cream, shakes and more.

In addition to your five Real Weight Loss Meals each day, you will enjoy one Lean & Green meal, which consists of a lean protein plus a non-starchy vegetable which you can prepare or eat while dining out. This meal can be eaten at any time of day you choose.

The Real Weight Loss meals are convenient to take with you anywhere. Certain meals may be eaten right out of the package, while others require that you simply add water, stir and microwave before eating.Your Certified Weight Loss Specialist will help you to achieve your ideal weight by offering guidance on the proper combination of Real Weight Loss meals to fit your taste, lifestyle and goals.

You can look forward to losing two to five pounds during your first two weeks on the program and one to two pounds per week thereafter. Once your goal weight is achieved your Certified Weight Loss Specialist will slowly transition you from Real Weight Loss meals to your own meals. This unique Maintenance phase separates Real Weight Loss from hundreds of other weight loss plans on the market, as you will have been given the tools to make healthy choices to successfully maintain your weight loss long term.


Special Needs

Support System

Anyone who has tried losing weight alone knows how difficult it can be. You may think things like “Am I eating too much or too little?”, “Why am I hungry all the time?”, and “I wish there was someone to cheer me on every time I make progress!”

The level of support you’ll receive on the Real Weight Loss Canada’s program at Real Studios truly separates it from other programs. We offer so much more than an ordinary program and one of the keys to our comprehensive weight loss program is the personalized one-on-one counseling offered by Real’s Certified Weight Loss Specialists. This essential piece of the program will help to keep you on track, motivated and most importantly, successful!

Most of our specialists have nutrition degrees or have completed studies in related fields so that they are well qualified to help you meet your individualized needs and goals. You can schedule visits weekly or twice per week, depending upon your needs.

Each 15 minute visit includes the following:

  • Blood pressure monitoring.
  • Weigh-in.
  • Monthly body composition analysis and monthly measurements.
  • Working through roadblocks.
  • Developing solutions for consistent, steady weight loss.
  • Sharing celebrations as you lose weight and succeed!

Here is what you can expect from your Real Certified Weight Loss Specialist: Guidance, Shared Knowledge, Motivation, Encouragement, Problem Solving, and Celebration!


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